The Many Benefits Of Lavender

In olden days, lavender products can be seen in many county fairs and markets in the southern region of France. There are homemade products like lavender sachets, lavender soaps, lavender honey, lavender vinegars, lavender tea, lavender creams, and dried bundles of the pleasurably fragrant herb. Now, you can buy lavender sachets in specialty shops everywhere. Loose dry lavender petals are also available for purchase in garden centers for your use.

You may use lavender in a basket lined with a lace-edged cloth to keep bathrooms and closets well scented and mold-free. Make a sachet bundle with a lace-edged hanky. Pour

a small amount of dried lavender in the center of the handkerchief. Tie the hanky using a ribbon to secure the blossoms inside.

Lavender is an effective milder deterrent to inside closets and shoe boxes. Put small sachets or bowls of lavender in the lockers and drawers to keep off that mildew odor. Your room it will have a lovely, subtle, and refreshing scent and not the gooey sweet odor that some potpourri scents can become. Put some inside shoes that are rarely used. It will keep mildew from creeping in.

The lavender essential oil

has exhaustive uses ranging from cleaning bruised knees to freshening up the water we use for cleaning floors and countertops. It was known that French women add lavender to their cleaning water because they believed that it can drive away scorpions. Fortunately now, we have no need for such, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try using it for repelling some annoying house bugs. If you get more creative, you may even discover other functions and excuses for using lavender.

A drop of lavender oil in the rinsing cycle while washing bed linens has been known to promote restful sleep. For more personal uses that are not as odd as driving off scorpions, slip in a piece of lavender soap between your linens where you store them, add drops of lavender oil to your bath, relieve stress or headache by indirectly breathing in the steam from lavender-infused simmering water, and spread some lavender honey on your toast to enjoy with your lavender tea.

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