Software Update To Solve Wifi Problem On Htc Tattoo Cyanogenmod 7

I bought a used HTC Tattoo rooted in CyanogenMod 7 running Android 2.3.7. It also has a Clockwork v5.0.2.0 installed. As with other new owners of used cell phones, I did a factory reset before I started using the phone. The problem was, it could not connect to our home wifi router, which is a Linksys. After searching endlessly online for solutions, I called the phone seller (which I should have done first) and he gave me these instructions to restore my wifi connection on my phone.

The HTC Tattoo needs to be restored/ updated. If the back-up is available in

the removable storage, follow the guide below. If not, then a cyanogen update needs to be downloaded (check the link at the bottom of this article).

This file must be copied to the SD card and must not be extracted. You don't need to make a folder.

Before you attempt this, make sure that your battery is at least more than half full so there will be no interruption during the procedure.

Here are the steps:

1. Turn off the HTC Tattoo.

2. Simultaneously press power + home buttons, until a nice Android logo image comes up...

3. Hold home and press end button

4. Select

"wipe/ data/ factory reset"

5. Select "wipe cache partition"

4. Select backup restore

5. Select choose update from SD card

6. Select apply SD card update

A message will appear if the installation/ update is complete. Then restart the phone. This has solved my wifi problem. I hope this helps the other HTC Tattoo users running Cyanogenmod 7.

Download Cyanogen update zip file HERE


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