Fun And Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Weddings must be memorable both for the couple and for the guests. While it is a traditional activity is some ways, there are some unique wedding ideas you can use both for the ceremony and the reception. Here are some suggestions:

Before the Ceremony

  • Who says slide shows will have to wait until the reception. By all means, you can present a slideshow of your love story in the form of pictures or a video. This will give the waiting guests something to watch and it's also a great way to give a nice introduction before the formal ceremony starts
  • On your printed
    program, you can a have a hand-drawn map of the places you have been to as a couple, or some trivia such as where you first met or other quotables.

Wedding Ceremony

  • Make your processional more meaningful by using songs or music that reflects your personalities or for nostalgic reasons.
  • As a substitute for bridesmaids' bouquets, let them hold something else. Pretty alternatives are silk or lace fans, parasols, or for evening weddings, a lantern with a battery operated candle inside. This will again be held during the recessional for a complete effect.
  • Instead of the usual pillow as a ring holder, opt for something thematic like a rose or lavender twig, a log, or something uniquely related to your taste. If your ring bearer is a toddler, better use fake rings or replicas

    just for the ceremony, never the real thing.
  • Having an environmental themed wedding? If your setting is in your backyard, you can substitute candle lighting ceremony by planting a seedling of a tree and water them together by using a fancy watering vessel.
  • In place of throwing rice at the end of the recessional, hand some ribbons of pinwheels to the guests (this works best in windy weather). It will look great on a photo, with the colorful ribbons or pinwheels symbolizing a joyous union.

These are just ideas to keep the ceremony out of the ordinary. You definitely can create other interesting and more personalized twists to the wedding rites.

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