Best Carpet Deals: Know Your Carpet

Carpet flooring is an investment that will last for many years. Besides being decorative, it offers sound and heat insulation plus it increases the resale value of a residence. Be acquainted with the carpet style you're planning to buy. Inquire about workmanship, appearance, retention, strength, twist, and density. Since artificial light can dull some colors, take home samples and view them in your room to see how they appear in both daylight and lamplight.

Carpet Prices
Carpet prices are set per square yard, more high-priced carpets are denser, better constructed, and available in more designs and weaves. The texture and kind

of fiber you select determines how your investment endures. The more springy the fiber, the better the carpet will appear over time. Look for tightly twisted threads and a pile compact enough to make it tough to uncover the backing.

Nylon Carpet
Nylon is the sturdiest synthetic fiber as well as the most popular material for carpets. It has excellent color retention, volume, and softness. Most nylon combinations are easy to clean; some newer brands are treated to be especially dirt and stain resistant.

Polyester Carpet
This type of carpet has good feel, dyes

easily, is non-allergenic, and is reasonably durable. It is inferior to nylon in matting and stain resistance.

Acrylic Carpet
Resembling wool material, acrylic carpets are crush resistant and soft, but other combinations pill with wear.

Olefins/Polypropylene Carpet
This type of carpet is colorfast, strong, and longer-lasting. Most indoor-outdoor carpets are constructed from olefins/polypropylene.

Wool Carpeting
Wool has a warm, natural appearance and feel. It's also very durable and fire resistant. However, its colors are generally not as vivid as the synthetics, yet this classic is still the most expensive.

Carpet Budget
Evaluate your carpet budget, then purchase the finest quality you can afford. Don't scrimp on high-traffic areas; fast wear out can render it uneconomical. Make certain that the price on wall-to-wall carpeting includes carpet installation and cushioning. Also find out who will do the job and how it is guaranteed. Installation fees do not vary much; it should be the carpet itself you must invest in.


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