Organizing Bathrooms For Children

When you're done organizing the bathroom for adults in your family, next is to organize the kids' bathroom. When you clear up their bathroom of all unneeded items and set it up in a user friendly way, you encourage your children to learn independence and self-management skills.

Help your children devise their own personalized organizing systems by using the discovery method of category development. Assigning drawers and subdividing them into categories for daily functions to each child will limit disputes. Often, children have lesser items than adults - until they turn into teens. While your children are still small, the extra

storage could be used to store towels or bed linens when you find extra space.

You definitely should keep some items out of children's bathrooms. These would include medications, first aid, vitamin supplements, razors or other sharp tools, and household chemicals.

Install hooks behind the door or on the wall so children can hang their towels or bathrobes there. The disadvantage of using hooks, however is that thick towels would not always dry well as they would on a rod. Assigning color-coded towels

for every child is a great idea that also helps with sorting out laundry and recognizing who left the wet towel on the floor! Another practical method is to have the child's name embroidered on the towels to check that each child uses and maintains his or her own towel. Hand washing and tooth brushing are splashier tasks for children, so have at the least one hand towel near the sink in your kids' bathroom. Step stools are handy in children's bathrooms.

Be sure to get one with skid-proof steps and feet. It is also a good strategy to color-code the bins for each of their everyday items or personal stuff in the shower. Match the colors to their towel colors if possible. The more you could help your kids recognize which property are theirs and teach them to use these things properly and to keep them in their proper places, the better you're equipping them to become responsible adults in the future.

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