Indoor Gardening Idea: Hanging Baskets

Plants in hanging baskets add a shabby chic charm to a home's facade. Many years back, these decorative plants in baskets were common on balconies, porches, and decks. Modern styles of homes have overlapped through time and now hanging basket plants are back. They're no longer limited to outdoor walls, they are used anywhere in the house. Because they don't occupy too much space, hanging baskets look stylish beside windows, bathrooms, and kitchens. Some use these small container gardening options for growing herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants. With the space-saving hanging garden system, these hanging baskets are both functional and decorative.


are many style options available for hanging baskets such as perforated, solid, or mesh type. Some come in wire forms and others are made of plastic material, while traditional ones are made of clay. Some creative individuals also use recycled items as containers for their hanging plants because technically speaking any plant receptacle can be used as long as good drainage is provided either by default of through modification. These plant baskets are attached to the wall or ceiling by using wires, ropes, leather strips, chains, and anything they can think of. A nice idea would be to use an old tea kettle. Even an
old colander, lined with sphagnum moss will make a great hanging basket. Use your imagination and you can find something to repurpose for your gardening project. In most cases, hanging baskets can be purchased from most gardening supply shops, florists, and many are also available online.

If plant baskets are to be placed indoors, make sure that only solid ones are used, to prevent water from dripping onto the floor and seeping into the wall or wallpaper. For outdoor hanging baskets, mesh types and perforated containers are best. Also line the inner part of the container with moss, leaves, or burlap to keep the moisture and soil intact.

Choose from various hanging plant basket designs that will complement your home. Photos and reviews of hanging baskets can be found HERE

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