How To Write A Letter Of Complaint

If you have a complaint against a company or the services of an establishment, keep in mind that the person who will read your letter may not be the person who made the mistake in following your instructions or taking your orders nor can he be responsible for the damaged condition, or unsatisfactory quality, of the product you ordered. There are times when our instructions are so mishandled that it becomes difficult to restrain ourselves from composing a sharp letter, but if you will be aware of the guiltlessness of the staff in the complaint department, your restrained letter may

probably be given prompt and deliberate attention. Do not allow sarcasm to sneak into your letter. Nothing much is gained by letting anger or impatience control you. More will be accomplished by being courteous.

A letter of complaint should express the cause for dissatisfaction in a clear and unemotional manner. Ask for an adjustment or stress the importance of preventing a recurrence of the trouble.

When writing the letter of complaint, it is good to bear in mind that the error may have been accidental. It may not be the fault of the merchandiser from whom you

ordered the item. He may have instructed the manufacturer or warehouse, over which he has little or no control, to deliver the product to you direct, leaving him no possibility of supervision or control. Therefore it is not sensible to allow your emotions to get the better of your own control. A reputable tradesman will value your fairness.

Here is a sample letter of complaint:

Bubbles Laundry Shop
Park Square Compound Branch
20 Greenville Avenue
Marikina City

To whom it may concern:

On June 3, 2009 you delivered a package of curtains which had been dry cleaned by your company. When the package was opened, discolorations were found in different parts, bleached in other areas, and other­wise in an unsatisfactory condition.

I am writing to you so that you might have your representative call to examine the fabric to make a fair adjustment.

I will await your your prompt attention on this matter. Thanks in advance.


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