The Best Sights To See In Rhodes, Greece

The Greek isle of Rhodes is located at the eastern part of the Greek archipelago, about 7 miles off the Turkish coast. Though this is among the more popular tourist destinations among the Greek islands, one can still find secluded beaches and small villages where travelers can experience the local culture.

In the ancient period, it is on this island where the legendary Colossus of Rhodes stood. The gigantic statue of Apollo stood on guard at the city harbor. Although it is no longer there, tourists can still get a glimpse of the city's ancient glory in the ruins of the

Temple of Aphrodite, an architectural structure dating back to the 3rd century B.C.

Rhodes became an important stronghold of the crusaders, who were responsible for the construction of the fortresses and ramparts surrounding the ancient city. Up to the present, many of the ancient Rhodes inns can still be found standing along the Street of the Knights. In the same area tourists can visit the Hospital of the Knights, which is now the home of the Archaeological Museum and the famous statue of Aphrodite.

Going south, Lindos, another ancient city can be found. Travelers can

reach Lindos, Rhodes at about an hour's drive away. The town was built in the 11th century B.C. Glorious chalk-white houses stand on the hills, one of them crowned by an acropolis. Completing the panorama is the crescent-shaped beach that merges with the crystalline blue of the Aegean sea.

Rhodes offers tourists a historical and cultural walk through that spans thousands of years. There awaits the Sanctuary of Athena (a 4th century temple) as well as theSanctuary of Athena, a Byzantine church extravagantly decorated with frescoes.

What would a Greek vacation be without a visit to the beach? Rhodes is also known for its amazing beaches including Afandou and Faliraki on the eastern coast. If you come there in July or August, you will have the opportunity to see the breathtaking beauty of thousands of butterflies in the Butterfly Valley.


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