The Fascinating World Of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

There is nothing quite like firing up the grill on a beautiful afternoon throwing a patio party. Dining alfresco is soaring to new heights. You are no longer limited to a couple of burgers on your hibachi grill. The outdoor cooking devices available to consumers today allow you to grill, boil, and bake outside. You can also chill beverages, make ice, and wash dishes outdoors.

In fact, there is now a pizza oven for outdoors. Everything, including the kitchen sink can be made outdoors. Some of your favorite stores and appliances that offer indoor kitchen appliances offer devices for outdoor cooking

as well.

You can find outdoor grills with infrared rotisseries, microwaves and ice makers. One popular piece is the refreshment center which features a small sink, an ice bin with a drain and a row of containers for olives and fruit slices to dress up your cocktails. A stainless steel unit would be priced around $1,000 which would even come complete with a bottle opener.

Some appliance stores also offer up a variety of outdoor cooking pieces that can stand alone or be built in. Along with a huge variety of grills, there are also warming drawers and beer dispensers. There are outdoor appliances that come complete with rotisserie and side burners.

Of all the wonderful outdoor cooking

devices to choose from, one notable piece is the patio space heater. It warms up about a 20-foot radius area and extends your grilling and patio party well into the cooler months.

Since new appliances can grill it, wok it, or smoke it, think of the fun parties you can plan.

Hang some paper lanterns, heat up the wok and throw a Chinese New Year party if your wish. Turn on the smoker, make some sauces on the side burners and pull up the beverage dispenser for a good old-fashioned barbecue.

A Mexican fiesta is an east and fun theme for an outdoor patio party.

With chicken on the rotisserie, meat and vegetables on the grill, tortillas for the fajitas in the warming drawer and a little salsa on the side, all you need to do is hang the piñata for a great fiesta night.

The more your kitchen moves outdoors, the more your parties will, too. So go ahead. Get ready for al fresco entertaining. Choose outdoor cooking devices to fit your needs, set up your patio and get ready to enjoy some great food, good friends and fun.

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