Free Android Music Apps Review

There are lots of free apps for Android available all over the internet. It can be overwhelming to go through each of them and test them one by one. So we did the research for you. Here are the top free Android apps for 2012.

Bandsintown Concerts

This Android app uses a Facebook account as a connection gateway. Upon connection, this app scans the user's Facebook account and the music files within the device to determine the user's music preferences. From the info gathered, the app notifies its user of the bands matching the musical tastes will be performing in the

nearby areas. The user may switch off notifications any time, may also change band preferences, and browse for other bands and concert dates using the Bandsintown Concerts app.

Absolute Radio Extra

The Absolute Radio Extra is the latest app released from the collection of Absolute Radio apps. It is definitely a radio for the masses. The Extra version includes all the best titles from the archive of Absolute Radio. It is also the main gateway for live listening to station networked with Absolute Radio. Aside from getting excellent sound quality, listings of upcoming songs are also provided for every station. The main setback for the free Android music app is the slightly slow loading and buffering time before each song. Despite this issue, Absolute Radio Extra is still worth downloading.

MP3 downloader

Yes, it is basically an MP3 downloader which allows the user to download free music to the Android device and saved straight to the SD card! This is among the best and most favorite free music apps for Android. Downloading music is free, fast, and very easy to

use. This version features: Download FREE music, TOP Songs & Artists, Billboard Chartt, Europe Chart, US Chart, and a selection of over 3 million songs.

Spotify for Android

This app once previously available for iOS, also called the "music anywhere" app, has now been updated for the Ice Cream Sandwich. This app features "Extreme" 320kbps downloads and streaming plus many other tweaks. The slide out navigation bar makes it easier now to search for your favorite tracks. For now the app in beta version is still free.


This innovative music player is specifically built for Android devices. Searching music with the n7player is presented in colorful ways. Users can simply search through album art and zoom in to specific selections for a closer look. Anothe panel displays titles sized according to the frequency of listens. The app can also recommend related tracks to the user. A built-in equalizer makes the n7player stand out from other Android music apps. It lets the user control the audio and reverb settings to the preferred taste with ease. This can be considered as a perfect app for music lovers especially for those with a large library of tunes to listen to.

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