How To Choose The Right Paint For Your Painting Project

For every kind of project you’ll tackle, there exists a right paint for the job. You’ve just got to know how to find it.

Avoid blind product loyalty.

Buying the same paint brand everytime, may not be the wisest choice. The Brand X finish you loved the last time you painted may not be available on the shelves today. Consult paint experts or do your research to see if your favorite paint brand still ranks high on customer reviews.

Consider the gloss.

Though flat paints hide imperfections, these are not the most stain resistant, so they’re best in decorative settings, such as your living

room or dining room. High-sheen semigloss paints are easy to clean but their gloss can change, so use them on trim, windows, and doors. Low-luster paints generally combine the best of both categories, resulting in an all-around, easy to clean durable paint.

Study the color.

When choosing color, don’t rely on instinct alone. That hue you adore in the store could turn you off once it’s on the walls of the house. Take home some samplings of your chosen hues and view them in different light conditions. If possible, get 2 oz. sample jars or the color matching charts common at stores, but don’t expect

a perfect match.

Color intensifies over large areas, so it’s better to go too light on a given shade than too dark. That’s especially true with flat paints, which absorb light and therefore appear darker on a wide area.

Spot the weakness.

Each brand of paint has its own pros and cons. When selecting, decide on the performance attributes critical to your application. Choose a paint that inhibits mildew for a bathroom; opt for a finish that resists fading for a sunny kitchen. If you’re changing an item from a dark color to a light one, choose a paint that’s strong at hiding.

Think quality not quantity.

Always consider top of the line products. Factoring in the real cost of painting, which includes materials, labor costs, and life span, a paint that endures for 10 years will set you back less than one that lasts half that time. Buy from reputable home depots and paint dealers.

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