How To Find A Good Hairdresser

Your hair style is very important. It could make or break your look. It is your crowning glory. Good communication between stylist and client is the single most important factor in getting a good haircut. But first, you need to find the right hairdresser. Here are tips on finding a good hair stylist.

Turn private detective to track down the salon that’s right for you. Ask around for recommendations from you beauty-conscious friends where they go and which hairdresser fixes their hair. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a stranger with a stunning haircut where she had it done — most

likely, she will be flattered.

Think carefully about the cut you want. (If you go unprepared and just tell the hair stylist to do whatever he or she thinks best, the results could be disastrous.) A good place to start is with magazines — start collecting pictures of hairstyles you like. This will help the stylist decide what cut suits you best. Just don’t expect the stylist to exactly reproduce the same style you’ve seen on the celebrity on you, as your bone structure and hair texture may vary widely with the model’s.

Be specific. When you say short, do you mean four inches long or two? Bobs and boyish cuts come in endless varieties, and curly could be anything from kinky to


Before you commit yourself, ask for a free hair style consultation. The stylist should examine the features and texture of your hair, look for features like cowlicks and double crowns, find out how much time you’re willing to spend styling you hair, and assess your face and figure.

If you’re happy with what the salon and stylist offers at this point, go ahead and make an appointment. Don’t get talked into a perm or color treatment at this stage.

While your hair is being cut, pay attention to what the stylist is doing, you may chat with him or her. A relationship isn’t built up in one cut. It takes time for the hairdresser to really understand the customer and what she wants.

If you don’t like the cut, see if the stylist can do something to mend matters before you leave the salon. If you like the results of your cut, say so, and tip well (15 percent is standard). Also, make a note of the stylist’s name and ask for the same person when you make your next appointment.

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