How To Choose Your Wedding Musicians

Choosing your wedding music and musicians should never be underestimated. It is a tricky business. The possibilities are simply as wide as the world of song and sound. Hear out every recommendation and referrals from relatives and friends. If you are under budget constraints, music departments of universities would be a good choice for finding good musicians. Hire some student groups or instrument organizations that can work a repertoire around your budget.

Never hire someone you haven't heard or seen. It is ideal that you should watch them perform live. Demo videos may not be reliable enough. Finalize all agreements in

writing. This ensures that the performers you fall in love with today are the ones who will show up at your wedding.

Here are some of the important elements you should look into when you choose your wedding musicians.

1. Know the name of the person or band you particularly want: the vocalist, keyboardist, guitar player, drummer, string quartet, etc. Ask to be notified if

any changes or substitutions will happen.

2. Know the specific instruments you require and the band's configuration.

3. Specify clearly the date, location, and duration of the event.

4. Agree upon the price, and the package inclusions, like set-up time, accommodations, length of performance sets, musicians' breaks, overtime, etc. Clarify the payment parameters like the due dates of deposits and balances.

5. Organize in your program how the musicians' breaks will be handled. Will there be a substitute musician shift, or another form of entertainment will take place?

6. Specify the attire of the musicians. If you have a specific theme for your event, inform them and ask if there will be any additional cost if they have to dress up in costumes.

What's important is, you clearly itemize everything to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your big day.


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