What To Do When Your Mobile Phone Gets Wet

Outdoor and indoor activities or simply a sudden of temperature may damage your phone. Of course, getting your phone wet should be avoided at all times. Among the most common causes of damage to any cellphone is water damage caused by something spilled on it or by exposure to steam and vapor. To see to it that this does not happen, you should not use or bring out your phone while inside a bathroom especially if you're taking a bath where steam and moisture is abundant and keep your phone in a safe area away from liquid sources. Many people

tend to forget that they have a cellphone in their pocket and accidentally jump into a pool or a body of water. Make sure this does not happen to you.

If you happen to drop your brand new cellphone in the sink or a toilet bowl, it may still be salvageable. Take it out of the water immediately. Don't turn the phone on just to see if it works. Leave it turned off. Turning it on will cause an electrical short, which will completely damage your mobile phone. Remove the battery and other accessories attached to it, then lightly towel dry it, allowing as much water to be absorbed by the towel. Place it on a table or a sturdy surface and avoid shaking it or moving it. Also, do not use a blow dryer to dry it. This will only push

the liquids or moisture deeper into the recesses of the device. You may use a vacuum cleaner carefully to suck away all the moisture it can remove. Place the phone in a bag filled with white rice and let it stay there overnight. The rice serves to absorb the moisture left in it.

If you're into a lot of outdoor activity, or are around children a lot, it is highly recommended to use Otterboxes or similar heavy duty cellphone cases. These Otterboxes are shockproof to protect the phone in the event that it gets dropped or gets tossed around. A cellphone screen protector is also a necessity to keep it from scratches caused by handling, dirt and dust. Water resistant mobile phone cases are also available now. These are just some of the ways you can protect your gadget. If you take good care of it, your device can serve you for a long time.


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