Where To Ski And Snowboard In La Plagne, France

If you like long, snowsure intermediate cruising, there's no single ski resort in the world comes close to La Plagne, with the bulk of its vast slopes north-facing, over 100 lifts and a terrific sense of adventure as you journey between the various regions.

During its four decades of existence, La Plagne had its share of detractors, who dismiss the area as a soul-less intermediates' paradise, refer to its apartments as rabbit hutches and think the nightlife is somewhere at par with Slough in a blizzard. At some level, these critics are right. Most of the ten resorts that link together

to form La Grande Domaine are more concrete than cuckoo clock (with the exception of the lower villages and Belle Plagne), although this was remedied by more sensitive development, and none of the nightlife is wildly inspiring because most people are pleased to ski all day and sleep all night. But what these ten resorts do offer is over 200km of well-maintained pistes in a genuinely snowsure environment. Surely there are a lot of mild motorway blues to flatter, but if you are looking for tougher challenges, then La Plagne has loads of off-piste.
Despite its faults, and unlike Slough, La Plagne is a magnificent triumph of size over style and with the state-of-the-art cable-car connection to Les Arcs, the nightlife is not anymore an issue.

The primary skiing, over Plagne Centre and Plagne Bellecote, is between 2,000m and 2,700m. Main access from Plagne Centre is through the Grande Rochette Funiplagne cable-car, which brings skiers up to 2,500m in just four minutes, wind or no wind, though there could still be queues during rush hour. From the top, the options are endless. Some steep, typically mogulled reds lead back down to Plagne Centre, there's an great underused blue going to Plagne Bellecote or you can choose to come down into the Champagny region through the 5km-long blue motorway Geisha, which is as appealing as its name suggests - wide, scenic and south-facing. The base is served by two chairlifts, one going back up to the Grande Rochette ridge, the other going up towards Roche de Mio.

Ski Resorts in La Plagne, France

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