Decorating Small Rooms On A Budget

Decorating small rooms call for a lot of creative and practical thinking. It can be really challenging to create delightful corners and crannies that are totally unexpected when you chance upon them.

For the Kitchen

When you have a modest space in your kitchen or dining area, turn it into a pretty spot by using just some accessories. For example, frame two or three herb prints or a poster as wall decor. Then place a shelf below the framed prints to carry small pots of blossoms or fresh herbs. This could turn into a tiny indoor garden for snipping off a

pinch of basil, parsley, or oregano when you need it.

A Pretty Laundry Room

Convert your laundry area into a terrific garden room. Start by using a piece of textile you love and use it to make a customized valance for the laundry room window. Stencil flowers designs that seemingly grows up the wall beneath the window. A stenciled ivy vine pattern would also look nice to decorate outside of the window frame. Position real topiary trees on any side of the window. This cheerful makes one feel good about doing laundry more often.


Powder Rooms

Powder rooms can be turn into art galleries. Use a framed art piece to cover an ample portion of the wall. A framed funny postcard can also add a touch of cheerfulness. Place small interesting items on your shelf that might delight guests who use this room. You may use a simple window treatment: The valance can be fabricated just by setting up lace-edged linen napkins set on the diagonal tension rod. No sewing required. The bottom drapery can be cafe style, covering only the lower half of the window.


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