Cat Houses, Cat Poles, And Scratching Posts

A pet cat's needs include a special place for himself. It could be a box or basket with a cloth a cushion lining. Cats need privacy during their rest, so it should be located away from the activity center in your home. Occasionally, the cat will sleep on the assigned bed, but there are other areas preferred as well. A favorite spot is commonly an unmade bed. The unmade bed is attractive to cats because they enjoy nesting in blankets.

During winter, cats love to curl up. During summer, they love to sunbathe but sometimes they look for cool, secret places

beneath bushes where they can sleep undisturbed for a long time. Whether your cat loves the indoors or outdoors, he should not be kept in the basement especially at night as this causes respiratory disorders and rheumatism. Aside from that, a cat can get sweet dreams just about anyplace he chances upon.

A kitten should be trained to know where the litter box is, but would not need so much explanation as to its purpose. Cats are clean by instinct, and not only wish to have a toilet away from their living quarters, but bury their waste matter, too. When the kittens know where the box is, they would use it.

Pet cats will also need a place to stretch and trim their claws. A house is filled possibilities for this purpose, like upholstery and carpets, but the idea is to guide his attention elsewhere. For this

intent, a scratching post is needed. A split log placed horizontally on the floor is an ideal scratching post. The cat can scratch and stretch on it. It could also be vertically attached to a base very much like an indoor tree stump. A lot of pet owners make or buy scratching poles covered wrapped with carpeting, however some cat authorities do not advice this. They assert that the cat can't differentiate your carpeting on the cat pole and floor carpet. Wrapping the pole with sisal rope is more recommended. The cat who goes outside will not necessarily confine his scratching activities to nature. It should be emphasized again that not all cats are offenders, but if you wish to have a picture perfect home interior, be cognizant of the fact that your cat does not come with a guarantee that he will always prefer to use the scratching post.

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