What To Do When You Travel To Bali

The name Bali is equivalent to “offering.” Indeed, this Indonesian island paradise has much to offer.

Luxurious resorts set on an exquisite crescent beach are warmed by perpetual sunshine and cooled by gentle breezes. The seduction of its balmy setting makes you reluctant to leave the sands. But there’s more in store for the adventurous traveler in Bali. Among its mountain villages and coastal towns, one will encounter its unique, Hindu-based culture rich in intricate beauty and festivities.

Its stunning, peaking temples along with its ornately carved statues can turn the island into a work of art. Dressed in colorful sarongs, the

Balinese add beauty and reverence as they form daily processions honoring their deities and spirits with offerings of flowers, fruits, fragrant incense. If you happen to get invited to temple ceremonies, a wedding or a feast, get ready to wear a sarong.

When it comes to accommodations, if you’re a beach lover, you may opt to stay in beach resorts where you

can stroll along its white sand beaches, swim, windsurf, snorkel and explore the underwater sights of Bali. Another option is to stay in small cozy cottages and intimate resorts in the coastal communities and mountain villages throughout the island.

For nightlife and club-hopping, Kuta is the place. It is also line with shops and trendy boutiques to appeal to the shopaholics.

For the gastronomic Balinese experience, try the satay (skewered meat, chicken or shrimp with spicy peanut sauce) and laksa (coconut soup with meat and vegetables. The interior architecture and decor of most restaurants with beautifully carved wooden doors and screens, peaked thatched roofs, quilted bedspreads depicting fanciful golden garuda birds or brilliant blooms, and tables set with hand-thrown ceramic dishes on intricately woven mats make a total Balinese dining experience.



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