What Your Collections Say About Your Personality

Your treasures and collection hold the key to who you really are.

A research study shows that chosen objects are indicative of certain personality traits.

You’re emotional if some of your favorite collectibles include old books, campaign buttons, vintage clothing or furniture. You’re a nurturing nostalgic person who enjoys reminiscing about days gone by, and are often prompted by feelings of patriotism. You have a deep appreciation of history and beauty.

You’re expressive if you only buy what you like—usually celebrity, sports and brand-licensed collectibles, offbeat pictures and pottery-and view your collection as a private passion you indulge in for personal pleasure.

You strive for self-expression, and your collection makes a statement about who you are, what you value and how you view the world.

You’re acquisitive if you seek out limited editions – plates, dolls, figurines, plastic models, – and build your collection for its intrinsic value and investment potential. You buy with

your head rather than your heart.

How to get value for your money

Here are three things a professional buyer looks for to guarantee her collection is a good investment:

1. Attractiveness

If you find something that you really love, chances are others will find the item appealing, too.

2. Rarity

Unique, hand-crafted items will increase in value a lot faster than any that are mass-produced and thus more widely available.

3. Condition

Look for items that are as close to mint condition as possible. A missing piece from a set or flaked or faded paint will detract from the value of a collectible.

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