Best Educational Toys For Toddlers: Activity Tables, Activity Walls, And Activity Cubes

Toddler activity stations have become favorite investments among parents and daycare centers. This may come in the form of a toddler-size table, an activity cube, or an activity wall.

These items are compact and portable where children can spend more time enjoying and developing and discovering their mental and psychomotor skills.

Activity Tables

Generally made of plastic, activity tables usually feature either a removable top or detachable legs that give babies a chance to enjoy playthings on the floor even before they are able to stand.

While all activity tables aid in the development of motor skills, some are aimed more toward play-like simple

stacking of blocks and shapes or page turning-while others offer a complete kindergarten program.

Pros: Anything that encourages a toddler to stay busy in one place for a few more minutes than usual is considered a good buy for any parent.

Cons: Not all activity tables are created equal. Our aunt or uncle may have bought our kids a flimsy version with ugly music that we still remember even in our nightmares.

Activity Cubes

Activity cubes are favorite items in lounges everywhere. Activity cubes are big, hollow, and sturdy boxes that feature five sides of fun. This is a classic item that offers the old-fashioned awe of wooden mazes, wacky bead roller coasters, and all styles of things that can be skidded, spun, and slapped. Children love no-frills fun, however activity cubes are weighty and hard to move, which can also be particularly rough on kids' heads.

Pros: The colored wire roller coaster is a sure favorite every time.

Cons: Unfortunately, even with the appealing look, activity cubes can pose some danger. Some may have

sharp corners, while other models have been recalled for major safety issues such as poisonous lead paint and small choking hazards.

Activity Walls

Activity walls are the king of activity toys. These are basically large, freestanding, molded plastic constructions that offer their embedded amusement vertically. While these are primarily designed for early walkers, most designs have activities that crawling babies can reach as well. Activity walls are mammoth-sized structures with and mammoth sized fun. However, what stands up could fall down. It is important to choose an activity wall with a broad, solid base that won't easily be toppled by jerky toddlers.

Pros: Toys with more than two years life span is worth the investment.

Cons: They take up a lot of space also for a long, long time.


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