Writing Tip: Narrowing A Subject From General To Specific

Finding a subject to write about is not that difficult. There are lots of subjects and topics you can expound on. What challenges a beginning writer the most is the task of filling out the pages with worthy information. Before expanding on a given topic, first you have to narrow down the subject into something even more specific. Cut it down to a workable size.

If you were a traveler trying to capture a panoramic view of a busy city using a simple camera with limited capabilities, the resulting image may look blurred or confusing. However, if you aim at something

more specific like the joggers at central park, then you have narrowed down your subject.

The details are there for you to carefully choose. A well-planned description or write up from a single point of view would be easier to understand than a general or less-focused overview. Whether in art, photography, or writing, this technique is applicable.

As you start limiting your subject for writing, the references for research will be more targeted, thus less effort is wasted. For example, from the subject of shoes, then you can be more specific by choosing only to write about running shoes. Browsing through several references may even lead to narrow further, until you feel like just writing about a

comparison between two popular running shoe brands or even a review of just a single shoe model.

You can discover sub topics as you go and research about the specific subject. From there you can create a writing outline from which to anchor your write up. Work around these subtopics through the outline and later, editing and proofing follows.

Being organized in your writing topics will help you become a more productive writer. It takes practice, but if you make it a habit to use a certain system, you will realize, that writing is not that difficult at all.

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