10 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Android Phone

Android phones and devices are known to have poor battery life. This is true most especially among the cheap android phones. Here are tips to extend its battery power.

1. Turn off the Wi-Fi when you're not browsing or using internet services. Wifi connection drains the battery big time. When the device is always connected to the wifi, it is also prone to hacking risks.

2. Go to Settings > About Phone > Battery Use and view which programs are draining your battery juice. Some apps, even if they're not being used, continue to run in the background and drain the battery.

Delete the unnecessary programs.

3. If you're using your phone mainly for texting, calling, and surfing the net, just switch it to 2G networks. 3G and 4G settings drain the battery power more than 2G settings. To do this, go to Setting > Wireless & Networks, then make your adjustments.

4. Adjust the screen's brightness to a lower level by going to Settings > Brightness. Most people can work with dimmer screens. It lessens the glare, which is good for your eyes and for the phone battery.

5. Although live wallpapers look stunning, they consume battery life fast. Besides they have no greater purpose apart from making your phone look nice. Even if you start using other programs on your phone, the live wallpaper continues to run. So get rid of the live wallpaper to save battery life.

6. Remove or lessen the home screen widgets. Because widgets use background data which consume power, lessening these widgets makes your Android device run faster.


Store your most used apps in the phone's internal memory if the size is large enough. It helps the phone run faster this way.

8. You may want to turn the synchronizations off if you wish to have less interferences with your personal time alone. If you do not need to be notified of all facebook updates, gmail incoming messages, and other social network updates, you can adjust the settings; plus you save battery power by unsyncing unnecessaries.

9. Use the touch and hold function instead of going from page to page and jumping from icon to icon. This is an easy shortcut for most programs on your android phone.

10. Occasionally reboot your device to get rid of unwanted codes and data that has accumulated through time. This junk also uses up battery life. After rebooting you will notice that the device will speed up again.

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