Student Homework Tips: Basic Guide On Writing Critical And Argumentative Essays

Critical essays and other writing assignments are regular requirements that you need to complete and submit as part of your student training. These writing tasks are intended to develop important skills within you, such as the ability to generalize or to particularize. All these skills could help increase your value on the job market in the future. Through writing such assignments, you will learn to formulate your own approach to a certain problem and develop your objective analysis. As you face the tasks of completing a number of papers, you will bring out the critic in you in viewing different

aspects of reality.

When going through the materials given for you to analyze you could either agree to the ideas conveyed by the author or you may also differ. Sometimes, you also may agree partially with the thesis statement yet may not approve with the evidence/s presented. It does not actually matter to whether you agree or disagree, you must stay objective to the subject you of your research. You have to remain neutral about the issues and depict the points given as objectively as possible.

Objective criticism is an indispensable part of any critical essay. The essay structure should have these elements:

1) A brief introduction which includes the thesis statement;

2) The main body that contains all the main points, arguments, or evidences relevant to the topic; and

3) a Summary paragraph.

Whatever side you take or personal point of view you may have, you should support your statements by credible evidence and coherent string of facts. You may support or disagree

with the statements furnished in the initial material, but you must remember to back each one of your facts up with solid evidence. The way to place your arguments is an essential part of your written assignment.

It is not only in the critical essay, where you are required to present coherent and logical outline of facts. This is also very important when writing argumentative essays. It is a general observation that students tend to consider a simple statement of a fact a crucial motivator to alter the opinion of a reader. This is not necessarily true all the time, if you take a closer look. The arguments or stands that you present should be carefully structured and each fact state should also be backed up by a reliable source of information. Facts do not simply appear from thin air, these are taken from information sources that you will analyze.

If you are given a choice, select a topic that you are familiar with. Avoid, if possible topics that have no known available material. Also, it would be better if you keep off from the discussions of the recent social issues if you are not required to do so. These include topics on subjects that appear on the news fairly recently. It may be very difficult to find a trustworthy source if there are hundreds of differing opinions and none of them is supported by sound proof.

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