Safety Measures In Backcountry Skiing And Snowboading

As a growing number of snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts are trying out the thrills of powdery snow in off-piste areas. The excitement of off-piste skiing and snowboarding is no longer reserved to experts and deviants; today, everybody wants to try it.

Skiing and snowboarding in untracked powder is an opportunity to be enjoyed, but it is also filled the kinds of dangers that on-piste skiers never have to encounter. Most common among these is that most dreadful of all ski-related catastrophes, the avalanche. The Alps alone, takes about a hundred lives yearly on the average. Not astonishingly, almost all of the

deaths occur to those skiing and boarding out-of-bounds or backcountry, yet on occasions disastrous accidents could happen within a snowball's distance of safety. You may think that skiing a couple of meters off the piste is as safe instead of being on it, yet shortly
after you go off-piste, you are responsible for your own safety, whether you are two meters or two kilometers away from the monitored runs.

If you intend to steer off-piste, the most important matter to do is employ a guide, no matter how confident you are. Only a local guide will recognize all the dangers innate in their own ski mountain area, from drop-offs and gullies to avalanche zones. They could also be able to escort you to the best powder. Unfortunately, though, a lot like ski schools, ski guides may vary across the board. It would be best if you have a personal recommendation.

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