The Kinds Of Tabby Cat Patterns

The markings of tabby cats come in two variants: blotched and striped. The term tabby originated from the word attabi, which is associated with watermarked silks from Bagdad; similar to pattern the seen on a tabby cat. The base color is overlayed with lines of a darker hue forming a clear-cut pattern.

The striped tabby has tiger-like stripes which go vertically from the back to the stomach. The striped tabby is more common than the blotched tabby that the familiar household cats will bear several signs of these stripes in the spots of color on their bodies. Show criteria prescribe that

the dominant white cat be spawned out of the pedigree tabby. Your precious pets, being unaware of this appraisal, carry their patterns with pride.

The blotched tabby cat is cloaked in a swirling pattern similar to that of a Rorschach blot. The pattern is parted down the middle of the cat and will be similar on either side. This tabby cat will bear a butterfly-like mark on his back, two stripes over his chest similar to a necklace (these are called Lord Mayor's Chains in England), two long ovals having a patch in the middle on each flank, an encircled

tail bearing a solid tip, and rings round the legs. Keep in mind that these are for show standards. The perfect tabby has the letter M emblazoned on the forehead. Tabbies are widely varied in terms of colors (as evidenced by the tabby patches on your) like red, brown, silver, and blue.

Spotted cats are somewhat similar to the tabby. The base color bears spotting with a darker shade which can be easily noticed while the cat is in motion. In a reclining position, the spotted cat may look like a striped tabby.

If your cat is striped, he or she is a tabby striped; if striped patches are predominant, your cat is a tabby patch.



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