Environmental And Eco Friendly Facts To Know

Environmental awareness should never be underestimated. Here are some additional facts you should know about going green. For every chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) molecule that’s prevented from entering the atmosphere, 100,000 molecules of the ozone layer may be spared. It takes approximately 179 kg of coal to keep a single 100-watt incandescent light bulb burning for 12 hours each day for one year. Burning the coal to produce the energy to light the bulb creates about 425 kg or acid rain. For every 1 percent decrease in the earth’s ozone layer there is a 2 percent increase in the incidence of skin cancer in humans. If
one person used his own ceramic mug in the office each day, he could eliminate as many as 500 disposable cups a year. A single office worker using a half page cover sheet for a fax instead of a full page
and sending five faxes a day would save about six rolls of paper each year. Using stick-on fax labels would save even more. Each recycled beverage can will save the energy equivalent of six ounces of gasoline. Ink jet printers use 99 percent less energy that laser printers while printing, and 87 percent less energy when standing by. Microwave ovens can reduce consumption of electricity by 25 to 40 percent for cooking when used instead of a conventional oven. Aluminum, glass, and steel can be recycled almost indefinitely. A properly tuned car gets about 40 percent better gas mileage, emits 42 percent fewer hydrocarbons and 47 percent less carbon monoxide than an untuned car. If employees in a typical 50-person office use both sides of the paper only 10 percent of the time, the company could save 10 trees and more than $750 a year just in reduced paper costs.

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