Review Of Google Chrome On Iphones And Othe Ios Devices

Relying on Google Chrome as the default browser on iOS may not be suited for all Apple mobile users. Perhaps because of the inherent as well as other limitations put in place by the Apple Company. Some may find Google Chrome as one intriguing web browser and would prefer it over any other, yet some may simply not go for it at all, considering the cons outweighing the pros.

Beginning with outlining the good side of the browser: Chrome is simpler to use and understand compared to Safari. Many like the tab implementation, as it displays all the tabs in a

vertical list, from which you can pick out that one tab you were looking for. You can also synchronize tabs opened on your other devices by simply logging in from your Google account and get those tabs on the device you are using. If you notice, Safari has two different fields, one for URLs, and the other, for web searches.

Each field comes with a tailored keyboard, on the other hand, Chrome has just one Omni box/field that is used to for both purposes (web searches and URLs), also, there is only one standard keyboard that comes with '.com' key for URLs, which may be irritating for the ones who are quite habitual of using Safari. Chrome also has a microphone button right next to the Omnibox for voice searches.

Chrome has this feature of auto-completing URLs and providing search suggestions (just like those in a Google search engine). You

can also switch to the desktop version of a site should you wish to and if Chrome is displaying mobile-optimized version of it.

Google has failed to provide suitable options for sharing web pages via Facebook, twitter or email, say. Furthermore, you might get annoyed managing your bookmark on Chrome, as it takes two taps to open each bookmark. One major inherent limitation is that users are unable to set it as their default web browser, which means, every time they try to open a link on some application, it will instead open up on Safari, which is obviously annoying. Chrome is not permitted to use Nitro Javascript engine, which makes JavaScript-laden pages a lot slower on Chrome.

Conclusion: Chrome is one good browser, and is currently one of the most used browsers in the world, though not suitable enough for iOS, unless Google fixes up some of its cons for us.


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