How To Save On Cell Phone Data Plan Charges

Recently we have seen 4G networks undergoing a great development phase. Unless you have and unlimited data plan, it has become almost inevitable to avoid data usage and for this reason, many different data plans keep coming up every other day. However, increasing data usage means increasing charges, but there are a few ways by which you can cut down your data usage levels. Let’s look at them one by one:

Monitoring your data usage:
You can monitor your data usage with the help of your phone. It measures your data usage, however this might subtly differ from the measurement

provided by your data plan carrier. Each phone and operating system has a different guide though, you can figure out yours easily.

>Go to the settings menu
>Select the option 'Wireless and Networks Data usage'

This helps you determine how much data you have consumed for the period and lets you view a list of apps and the relevant data usage of each app. You can also set a limit, above which, it will disable your connection, this way you will realize that you have hit the maximum limit, helping you keep a count. This monitoring can also be done by means of an application or your carrier. Using carrier is more beneficial in that, it will know exactly how much data you have used so far.

Connecting to Wi-Fi:
You can cut down your cell phone data plan charges or even avoid data plan charges by using free Wi-Fi. One way of finding free Wi-Fi is through a Wi-Fi finder app. It

shows not only a list of Wi-Fi networks available, but also signals strength, whether the network is password protected and the status. With this, it also shows all such channels on which nearby networks are running on. This way you will know which networks are speedy considering the number of routers on one channel.

Use a more data efficient browser: The stock browsers that come built in with Android phones consume more data, instead, download a more data efficient, lighter browser. One example of this is Opera Mini browser. It works fast and is one data efficient browser. It compresses the web pages to allow reduction in data usage. You can also choose to view 'text only' version of web pages, if you do not want to see the pictures. It will only display the text written on these web pages. However, you can always choose to see the full version of this web page should you wish.

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