Flower Craft Ideas: How To Dry And Press Flowers

Flowers from your garden or a gift bouquet could be dried and pressed to produce excellent items to give as presents, tokens, or simply to make your home look prettier. Just after they're in full bloom is the moment to get the petals, leaves, and twigs. You can preserve them and waft them out as dried materials till you are due for your dried flower craft projects.

What flowers are ideal for pressing?

Rose petals, holly leaves, chrysanthemums, Johnny-jump-ups, an variety of multicolored leaves, twigs, blades of grass, and some lobelia blooms are just a few of the suggested ones

to use. Geranium buds and leaves and the rest of tall-growing plants should be gathered in autumn. Some fernlike plants in your garden could be used for decorating Christmas cards.

How to Press Flowers

The easiest way to press flowers is still the traditional way. Simply lay the materials on a piece of paper towel, cover with

another piece, and place it in between heavy books. Pile additional books on top, or use bricks to weigh it down then leave it undisturbed for a week. This way, long before you need them you already have a bountiful supply of dried and pressed garden blooms once you're set to do some crafting. Pressing flower is a fantastic way to delight the yields of the garden two times over.


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