Parenting Tips: Signs Of A Spoiled Child

Overindulged and pampered children may grow up spoiled, unhappy and unable to handle life’s challenges. Psychologist Bruce Baldwin calls these youngsters the "cornucopia kids" because they expect life to be like a cornucopia, or horn of plenty — providing them with an endless supply of good things they don’t have to work for."

In this age the number of spoiled children has grown to epidemic proportions, although parents of spoiled children would rather not admit this. Children with cornucopia complexes grow up with the expectation, based on experience, that the good life will always be available for the asking — without

effort and without need for personal accountability." Thus when they face the adult world, "cornucopia kids" fail as they are unable to handle challenges, tend and get fired from jobs and are more likely to turn to alcoholics or drug addicts.

Much of the blame, according to Baldwin, must be heaped upon parents. Parents have a tendency to choose to favor or prioritize the development of their career over than the emotional growth of their children. Because of this, with the meager time spent with their children, they "shower" the kids with things and favors to make up for the neglect, hoping to ease their guilt.

Spoiled children are a product of parents who lack discipline. Nothing happens even if the youngsters misbehave. And since a parent, or

a hired nanny, does everything for the children, the children never learn to be responsible.

Here are signs of a spoiled child:

1) They get bored easily and have trouble entertaining themselves.

2) They expect to get everything they want when they want it, and complain bitterly if they don’t get the best.

3) They have little sincere compassion or sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. They respond only to their own needs.

4) They have little self-discipline, so they’re prone to try things like liquor, drugs, promiscuous sex, and other excessive self indulgent behaviors.

5) Deceit and lying are normal. The child learns to lie knowing his parents will want to see through the lie.

6) They don’t expect to pay for the consequences of their actions.

7) If the going gets rough, they quit. They are unable to follow through long-term goals such as saving money or keeping a job.

It is very important that we make our children experience our love as well as how to handle disappointments and responsibility. Parents have a great responsibility in preparing children to become responsible adults.

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