Restaurants Are Designed To Make Us Eat More

Dining out is the most participated activity among thousands of individuals. In fact it has become the favorite of form of entertainment nowadays. More and more people eat outside of the home, especially those who are too busy to prepare meals. Dining out is what people do, not only to fill a hungry stomach, but also to relax, do business, or to simply to have a good time.

Different cultures all over the world have different ways of dining. Some people are more interested in conversation and the company, while some people just go there for the food. In any case,

dining out is both an event and an important part of a certain lifestyle you choose to live.

In a dining experience, sometimes food and service may not be enough. Obviously, our taste is just one of the human senses. Individuals who dine out and patronize a certain restaurant keep coming back because they feel comfortable dining in an environment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This is the reason why restaurant interior design elements differ from those designs applied in homes and other business establishments
Interior designers creatively and intelligently use

elements of sight, sound, accompanied by the aroma and flavor of the food being served. The total design aims to deliver a total sensory satisfaction for the customer. The color schemes and restaurant lighting design does not only make the person feel comfortable, they are carefully designed to encourage the customer to eat more.

Each color has a specific effect on our psyche and emotions, thus our stomachs feel hungry as a reaction to a certain blend of hues. Often, restaurant interior designers have a leaning towards using saturated reds, yellows, or other warm colors, for these are the most energetic. Also, the color red enhances the look of the food, which makes us feel hungrier, as a result.

Aside from color, another aspect in restaurant decor is comfort. To many restaurant owners and patrons, comfort is the key. When seated on plush, cozy seating, coupled with soft lighting effects, people are subconsciously encouraged people to eat more. Comfort translates to relaxation and a nice experience, which translates to eating and drinking more.

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