Photography Apps And Photo Editing Apps For Ios Available On Itunes

Apps for iPhone and iPad are constantly being developed for the convenience and entertainment of iOS device users. The cell phone camera with its photo sharing capability is among the most used functions of the iPhone and the iPad. For this reason, listed here are the latest photography apps available on iTunes.

Bokehful is a free app (as of the moment) that allows the iOS user for add other colors, shapes, and light effects to their photos. After photo editing, these are ready to be shared online through social media or email.

Fisheye Pro
The Fisheye Pro app easily turns the

iPhone into a fisheye camera. The user can also choose from five various virtual color ring flashes to achieve a more interesting effect on the output of the photos.

With the FrameArt app for iPhone, the user can easily create a montage of photos from a collection stored in the gallery. The completed edit can be instantly shared to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or sent thru text message.

The Layout app for iPad creates masterpieces from photos. It allows the user to add frames, stickers, filters, and other edits to photos to create an appealing presentation for images. The finished work can then be shared online.

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Designed for tablets, the Adobe Photoshop Touch allows the user to combine images, create professional-looking effects, and edit images before sharing with online contacts through Facebook or Twitter. Its interface is optimized for tablets such as iPads and offers smooth brush strokes for better output. This is a must-have app for Adobe Photoshop users who

are always on the go.

Mac users will be familiar with the iPhoto program which also has a version for mobile iOS devices. While there may be some minor differences with its Mac version, the overall functionality is still similar. iPhoto is still very easy and convenient to learn and use. Mac users will also find it convenient for data transfers since the desktop version easily recognizes the app’s functions.

Choosing the right app for your iPhone or iPad may be daunting, considering the many available apps for download online. It is highly recommended to review each app before purchasing one. If done right, these will serve you and your Apple device well. As photo enthusiasts, and photo editors, having photography apps such as these will be convenient, practical, as well as entertaining.


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