How To Choose The Best Stories For Children To Read

Children often look forward to story-telling time at the end of the day. How do you choose a good story so it will also be a worthwhile and a learning experience? Here are some pointers.

1. A good story simplifies truth.

It doesn’t make truth any easier, only easier to understand. We best learn a new thing by its being likened to something we already know, by the unfamiliar being compared with the familiar. A good story makes that possible.

2. A good story helps one remember what it taught.

It is like a lighted candle held up to a painting. It is not

intended that the beholders should look at the candle but at the painting upon which the candle its throws light on. A good story ties lessons to people and things so that every time someone encounters a situation or do things, they are reminded of the lesson the story taught, not necessarily the story’s detail.

A good story does not make the truth beautiful; it showcases the beauty of the truth. It does not only impress you; through it, the truth is impressed in you.

3. A good story teaches a lesson without being preachy.


calls attention to a person’s mistakes indirectly. It is a tactful way of making a point. It seldom, if ever, makes an enemy out of someone.

4. A good story motivates.

Kids need information, even adults do. But to do something about what you know, you must be motivated. And to be motivated, we must feel what we learned. Like most people, we do what we feel like doing. That’s how simple it is even with children. A good story helps them feel what is taught.

I am not to influence you on what books to be read for there are multitudes of books and stories available out there. When it comes to teaching good values to children, and you have no idea where to start, the Bible and other literary classics are readily available. From there, you can diversify to other reading materials; just take note of the guidelines suggested above.

Happy reading.


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