Party Ideas: Serving Canapes And Canape Recipes

Whether cold, hot or a mixture of both, canapes, are indispensable at a cocktail party - a bowl of crisps isn’t satisfying enough. But there’s an art to serving the correct kind of canape. They must to be easy to eat and this entails creating everything bite-size - it’s tricky to hold a conversation, hold a glass and strain to eat a messy, oversize canape or one that crumbles as soon as it’s moved up from the plate. Anything that would possibly drip isn’t a fine idea - you do not want to be held accountable for ruining your friend’s

brand-new shirt. The time of year is just as important, not only in terms of the sort of food you must serve but also what would be in season. On a balmy summertime evening, light, fresh foods are suitable - figs wrapped in Parma ham, asparagus tips with a fresh aioli mayonnaise or cherry tomatoes wrapped in a basil leaf are all light and summery. During autumn and winter, canapes must be more warming up and hearty. Espresso cups filled up with a delightful home-made soup are easily both to prepare and to serve. Gordon Ramsay serves starters this way: frothy soups drizzled with truffle oil. And this is a good way to ultimately use a collection of espresso cups that have been sleeping in the cupboard.

Serving canapes prior to dinner is occasionally suitable too. Do not presume that guests can merrily wait for some time to eat - if they’ve come from work, they are perhaps hungry. With something ready to serve before

dinner, even if it is just a big bowl of warmed up almonds or other nuts, would also give you more time to finish matters in the kitchen. If you’re going to create appetizers, then it’s crucial that they fit with whatever you’ll be serving, and should not be too filling as to spoil everybody’s appetite.

Here are two easy canapé recipes you can use:

Handy Onion Canape

The ingredients are almost always available in your pantry. It may sound ordinary, but the flavor may just pleasantly surprise you.

* Place some onion rings, or thinly sliced green onions on Melba toast rounds or on any tasty cracker.
* Put a small glob of mayonnaise on each toast and cook them in a broiler until the mayonnaise sizzles.


Easy Tuna Canape


canned tuna

4 – 6 chopped green onions

Coarsely ground pepper


* In a bowl, mix the tuna, onions, and mayonnaise. Add ingredients a little at a time until you achieve the right thickness. Then add ground pepper according to taste.
* You may put this mix on round toasts or biscuits and broil them or you may use it as a dip with more mayonnaise added.


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