Children And The Human Touch

Human touch is very vital to human existence, especially to children. Without it, a person grows to be much less than an animal.

Studies show that human beings, especially children, need to be “cooed, smiled at, kissed, cuddled, hushed, fed, bathed, dressed, sheltered, toilet-trained and their noses wiped when they run.” They also need to be disciplined, educated and taught social conduct and occupational skill if ever they are to grow normally. In every sense, human touch spells L-O-V-E.

Orphans and abandoned children need touch, too. Orphanages, while they provide or pitch in the touch required to make the children grow normally

cannot, however, substitute for real homes where fathers’ and mothers’ touch is available. Not a few children who are deprived suffer from the so-called “irreversible incapacity to love.”

A study was conducted among Jewish children brought upon a founding hospital where nurses

used very sterile things on them, did not smile or cuddle them, or even touch them by hand. Result? The children were sickly, weak, became daydreamers, and on some occasions were seen banging their heads on the wall for hours. On the other hand, those raised in a cheerful room with piped-in music –or records of mothers’ heartbeats — with nurses smiling at them and cuddling them were known to be healthier, happier, and better-adjusted to the environment.

Human touch is should be regularly given by both parents to a child. In case one is absent, the other should give this to the child. This will reassure the child that he belongs to someone.


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