Tips On Buying Roses, Trees, Shrubs, And Low Maintenance Plants

Love gardening? Know how to get the best deals when shopping for your favorite plants.

The Ideal Rose
A healthy rose bush has a round, well-developed root system. Be on the look out for black or shriveled canes. Leaves must be green and lush, not yellowish and dropping from the plant.

Shoppping for Trees and Shrubs
Look for bright white root tips. Pass by any plants having masses of roots growing out of the container or with roots circling the root ball. Stay away from plants with girdling at the base of the trunk. A smaller plant would often recuperate from transplanting

better than a bigger one.

Buying Low-Maintenance Plants
One way to cut down the money and time you spend on the plants in your yard is to find varieties with built-in low-maintenance

features. The first thing to watch out for is disease resistance. More vegetable and flower varieties come out every year with resistance and tolerance to particular diseases, and occasionally even to certain pests. You will not spend a lot of money on sprays and powders to keep these plants healthy. Some other useful characteristic is a bushy or compact variety of a typically tall and lanky plant. You don't have to go to great lengths to supply staking and supports. Still another money-saving trait, is tolerance of dry soil; plants that don't require a lot of visits from the garden hose would help you save on your water bill.

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