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Miniblinds were fashionable a few years back? Today they seem passé. These blinds were the innovative version of our the classic 1930s Venetian blinds. Well, wooden blinds are now back in style and they are really similar to those old blinds of a couple of generations back, but they're sleeker and much better-looking. Amazingly, they look modern. Like clothing fashion, well-designed items for home decorating readily come back in style.

A Custom Look

Custom window treatment look can now be delivered to your doorstep. Some companies offer a catalog for ordering custom window treatments such as wooden blinds in various sizes, colors,

and finishes as well as shutters and blinds. Some provide watches of fabrics and materials that are used in their window treatments to help you see and feel the product before buying it.

What Is a Blind?

A blind is a window cover designed of either horizontal or vertical slats that can be turned for light and privacy control. Horizontal blinds could be drawn up and vertical blinds could be drawn to the side for an unobstructed view.

What Is a Shade?

A shade is a window covering made from a piece of material that gathers, rolls, or folds both up and down. The shade can be brought up for light and view and lowered for privacy.

What Is a Shutter?

A shutter bears a hinged frame, filled with louvers or panels, that attaches straight to the window frame. While the louvers are often opened up for air and light, the frames normally remain closed.

Defining Curtains

Curtains are an expanse of fabric assembled on a rod. Curtains are opened and closed by merely pushing the fabric from side to side.

Defining Draperies

A drapery is an expanse of pleated fabric hanging from several metal hooks. The hooks are typically attached to a mechanical rod that permits the fabric to be closed, drawn open, or gathered to the side.



The newest in wood blinds are constructed from basswood and not affected by extreme temperatures and humidity. They come with one-, two-, or three-inch slats, and the cloth tapes that line up and hold the individual blinds and run down both sides of the front of the blinds can be bought in dozens of styles and colors, including a safari print, as well as linen in various colors to match your wall paint. The wood slats have a smooth, satin finish or you can have a more rustic look using the interesting grain finished in a low sheen. For a rugged look there are sandblasted slats that display the natural grain through the paint.

Decorative Tapes

While you can find blinds with color-coordinated nylon ladders too unobtrusive that they almost disappear, the decorative tapes are rather interesting. There is a European-looking two-tone herring-bone design that adds texture and comes in seven colors, also as woven, textured designs like damask.

New and Improved Shutters

Shutters have changed substantially from the old days. Sturdy basswood shutters are precut and predrilled and crafted for quick installation. You may choose your color and finish, the number of panels, even the color of the hardware.

Custom Treatments

When you want custom-made curtains, shades, and balloon or Roman shades, for instance, you can order these in a number of of subtle colors and pretty fabrics like damask, silks, velvets, burlap, chenille, linens, and canvas just to name a few.

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