Online Certification For Food Service And Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality jobs are always in demand. Learn how you can get your Food and Beverage Certification online.

Learn2Serve is a company that provides online training and certification for Food Safety, Alcohol Safety and TABC Certification.

Learn2Serve is in partnership with 360training a top provider of regulated online certification training courses accredited by the US government. Learn2Serve courses are designed for the hospitality industry such as hotel, restaurant, bar, convenience store and grocery employees and managers. Presently, being USA's leading provider of online alcohol seller/server and food safety manager certification training courses, Learn2Serve offers a convenient option to on-campus and classroom based instruction

without compromising the quality of training expected. The two main elements of the Learn2Serve training solution include interactive, self-paced alcohol seller and server (certifications, as well as) food safety manager (FSM) training.

Learn2Serve Online Alcohol Seller & Server Certification Training offers the following courses:

TABC Certifications
-TABC Seller Server Training
-Texas Food Handler Certification
-TABC Seller Server + Food Handler

Food Manager Certification
Alcohol Seller Certification

Handler Training
Alcohol Seller Server Courses
Food Safety Training Courses

The website of Learn2Serve also features Hospitality Jobs, Training Programs, Affiliate Program, Blog and News, Certification Reminder, and others.

Learn2Serve's online certification training courses are recognized or approved in over 30 US states including the most popular accreditations such as:

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC)
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
California Coordinating Council on Responsible Beverage Service (CCCRB)
Comptroller of Maryland, Colorado - Eagle County Liquor Control
South Carolina Department of Revenue

Visit Learn2Serve website and get your hospitality online certification now.



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