Creative Self Massage Therapy Steps And Tips

Try these self-massage techniques to help relax you mind and body. Here are the basic steps in self-massage:

Try these self-massage techniques to help relax you mind and body.

Here are the basic steps in self-massage:

• Eyeglasses and contact lenses should be removed before starting the massage.
• Be attentive to your body’s needs. Let your body tell you what feels good.
• Start by rubbing your hands together to generate heat and energy in them.
• Place your warmed hands on your face and let them stay there for a few seconds.
• Move your hands over the surface of your face moving your fingertips in circular motions then gently pull the skin in different directions. You may

also gently knead, slap, and follow your face contours using finger pressure.
• Run your fingers through your hair.
• You may tap your skull vigorously with your fingertips. Lightly scratch your scalp with your fingernails. Gently grasp your hair by the roots to firmly move the scalp towards different directions.
• Gently move hands over hair, ears, face, and neck while talking to yourself in reassuring and positive words.
• Enjoy the moment and be creative.
• Massage your gums through your cheeks and lips.
• Give yourself a facial treatment. Place hot towels over your face to open up pores.
• Cleanse your face using warm water and gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water followed by splashes of cold water.
• Moisturize your face using natural oils such as olive oil, avocado, wheat germ, or almond.

Here are other creative suggestions for self massage. Modify as needed.

Using a tennis ball, apply pressure under your hand, rolling it over your feet and any muscular part of your body.
• Barefooted and seated, roll the bottom of your foot over a golf ball. You may also fill a basin with marbles and warm water and rub your feet over them.
• Perform a dry brush massage or loofa massage. Choose a brush with bristles that are not too firm. With circular motions, start massaging from the soles of your feet and work your way up to your neck.
• Try experimenting with textures and feel how different parts of your body respond to various textures. Try fur, silk scarf, terry cloth, flannel cloth, fluffy cotton, etc. You may also try this with a partner.
• Other massaging effects can be achieved using massage oils, wooden roller, a vibrator, etc. Just be creative.

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