Look Prettier With The Right Eyeglass Lens Tints And Eyebrow Shape

With the numerous eyeglass brands and styles available at optical shops, it could be confusing to select the most appropriate frame and lens color. Here are some tips that could help you:

Lens tints

Tinted lenses in glasses can complement your frames, your eyes and your skin color.

- Choose lenses that are in the same color family as your frames. For instance, if your frames are warm-toned—brown, coral, cinnamon, bronze, gold—the lenses

should have gold or yellow undertones. For cool-toned frames— blue, plum, rose, gray, plum, taupe— lenses having blue or pink undertones work best.

- Another alternative is gradient lenses. This kind of

lens has graduated levels of color: The most intense tones are on top and the color fades towards the bottom. Gradient lenses can be particularly flattering for shades like blue, which is lovely at
lid level but can make you look just plain tired when the deep color goes below the eye.

Brow-beautiful advice

Choose frames that cover your brow line or you will get a "double-brow" look. If your brow line is below your frames, dust a little of blush above your brows to lessen the double-brow effect. Always keep your eyebrows cleanly plucked underneath the natural line.



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