How To Wash Woolen Blankets

Many blankets can be machine washed and machine dried—even the woolen ones. But they differ in the temperature and cycle settings depending on the kind of fabric and its construction. Others may require dry cleaning. It is important to check the label and follow its instructions carefully.

Machine wash only one large woolen blanket at a time. Dissolve the detergent in the washing machine tub filled with warm water. Before adding the blanket, stop the machine. Place the blanket loosely around the agitator and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes. You may soak longer for another 15 minutes if

the blanket is heavily soiled. Machine-wash them as usual, advancing the dial so the water will drain out. Spin it for about a minute and stop again. Advance it to the final rinse cycle and let it continue through the final spin.

To avoid blanket fuzz

caused by over-washing, soak your blankets in water and detergent for 10 minutes then wash them on the shortest wash cycle. This will help reduce piling and will make your blankets last longer.

To rejuvenate a woolen blanket, toss two or three dry towels with it ay high heat for 10 to 20 minutes on drying session. This can only be done for woolen blankets that can be machine dried. Read the label carefully. Before you add the blanket, warm the towels in the drier for a few minutes. The towels will absorb the moisture much faster this way. Remove the blanket before it completely dries to avoid shrinkage and wrinkles. Finish drying suspended flat over two clotheslines. You may need to stretch it to its original shape if any shrinking has occurred.

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