Frugal Christmas Decorating Ideas

It's easy to bring in the Christmas ambiance to each corner of your home without being extravagant. Actually, there are items in your home that you can use for this purpose, just creatively modify them. You now have your homemade Christmas decor. Below are a few economical Christmas decorating ideas.

Dazzle With Candles
Ordinary candles can look extra special. Slightly soften the candles by rolling each piece in a hot towel, then roll every candle pieces immediately in a bed of glitters. You may use lively Christmas colors of silver, gold, green, or red. Group the candles and set them

as a centerpiece, on a table or on the mantel. You may add natural or artificial ornaments to the holder such as pine cones or mistletoe leaves if you wish. When displayed as a group the candles will create a brilliant show of glimmer when lit.

Holiday Themed Bathroom
The holiday spirit can also be extended to the bathroom. On the edges of hand towels, stitch a plaid or a Christmas decorated ribbon (preferably red or green) for use in the wash area. Replace your usual bathroom candles with cinnamon scented ones which can be lit ready to be used in the toilet or bath area.

Holiday Pillow Presents
Embellish pillows to resemble gifts. Cut out patterns in gift-bow shapes using red or green velvet or satin. Sew them onto the

solid-colored pillows. If available, use plaid or candy stripe pattern for a fancier look.

When Old Becomes New
Christmas tree
ornaments made of glass can be remodeled and renewed by stripping the old paint using a mild mixture of water and ammonia, then use a glossy enamel spray paint to give them base coat. When the glass decorations are dry, you can now hand-painted your own designs on them.

Christmas Kitchen Decor
Pile shiny wooden, or painted plastic apples, twigs of greens and a few pine cones inside mixing bowls then place them on the table or a non-busy counter.
Store some green, red and white pasta in glass jars. Use dainty green, red, or plaid ribbons to tie around the neck of the jar. The best thing about this decoration is that you can cook and eat the pasta for a scrumptious meal later.



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