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How Women Athletes Cope With the Effects of Menstrual Cycle
Published By Athena on 2011-06-30 923 Views

A lot of women think that their menstrual period would adversely impact performance. This inquiry has been analyzed extensively via analysis of the times of female swimmers, and by considering the accomplishments of women athletes in the Olympic Games.

A lot of women think that their menstrual period would adversely impact performance. This inquiry has been analyzed extensively via analysis of the times of female swimmers, and by considering the accomplishments of women athletes in the Olympic Games. Both sources offered accurate measures of performance, which were correlated with the menstrual cycles of the players. It was discovered that women have set world records and won gold medals throughout every phase of the menstrual cycle, with low significant variance in reference to the cycle. For a few women, there might be some small physical decline resultant from pre-menstrual tension, but there’s no impact on the actual flow. Variations at any given time throughout the cycle are exceedingly slight, if they happen at all.

One important effect of menstruation, however, is to exhaust the body of iron. As much as 15 to 20 percent of the young women entering in a given athletic program might be slightly deficient in that nutrient and might need a dietary supplement every day. Some time throughout adolescence after the beginning of menstruation, female athletes must have a medical appraisal made of their iron condition. It’s important to have and keep proper levels of iron since even a mild deficiency may significantly intervene with athletic performance.

Several young women athletes getting in advanced training programs have been worried about cessation of menstrual periods—a not so uncommon condition. As much as 20 percent of women included in endurance sports like swimming, running, skiing and gymnastics have discovered that their periods have ceased completely for as long as 3 to 4 years. Oftentimes, but not always, it accompanies significant weight loss as a consequence of dieting in readying for a arduous sport like gymnastics. It is also connected with psychological stress made by intense competition.

There’s no need to concern oneself about such condition which, in fact, frequently happens among young women who aren’t athletes at all. If the training and competition are done, normal menstruation and obstetrical workings return. As a matter of fact, research indicates that female athletes have fewer troubles with pregnancy than non-athletes.

Considering the physical capacities of women, what can we say about their involvement in athletics? Are other sports a bit strenuous or poses a danger for them? As we have checked, the answer to this is a resounding “no”. There’s no tangible reason for a woman to be exempt from any sport, even in football, as long as she is in fine condition and plays with those who are approximately her same size. She should learn how to mind her body and how to prevent debilitating over-exertion, but this is not any different for her than it is for a male athlete.

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