Enjoy Watching And Renting Movies Directly From Your Android Device

With the recent updates of the Google Play store, it is now easier to watch movies on your Android device. The Play Movie app from Google Play makes movies more accessible than ever.

On the Play Movie app, the movies are classified into different genres, which make for easier searching and downloading movies. Within each category, recommendations can also found. The suggestion function may be turned off anytime using the app's settings.

As long you sign in with the same Google account every time you access your Android devices, you can easily access your favorite movies. For those having more than one

Google account, movies can also be synced between account to save time in logging in to a new account each and every time a movie needs to be accessed from another device.

Users will enjoy the wide array of movies offered. Even blockbusters are on the list. Movie rentals are available in various formats. HD formats may cost more, though. Movie rental process is easy. The user must complete the payment details form properly to be able to rent or buy a movie that suits his or her budget.

One section of the Play Movie is the Personal Videos. This section contains any video files that were added externally to the device. This also allows direct streaming of videos.

How to Rent a Movie on Google Play Store

Prepare your snacks, get cozy and get ready to watch a movie on Play Movie. Here's the procedure on movie rentals:

1. Search for a movie
Upon accessing the Play Movies section of

Google Play, use the magnifying glass icon to search for the movie you intend to watch. Recently listed movies are also displayed on the Play Movie homepage, so, it would also be good to browse this section.

2. Do you want the HD version?
Most newly released movies provide the option to watch them in HD. Choose the video version you want then proceed to pay the rental option you chose.

3. Watch and enjoy the movie
The movie will begin to play on your Android device. If your wish to watch it on a bigger screen, simply connect your device to your TV monitor via HDMI port if your device has this feature.

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