How To Do Simple Cup Magic Tricks

There are a lot of magic tricks you can do with a cup. Here are 2 of them which you can rehearse and perform before of your friends.

The first is known as the Three Cup Shuffle Magic Trick. Here, you use a poker chip or big coin and guess where it is hidden. For you to tell where it is every time, you have to place a piece of invisible thread of about 3 to 4 inches long taped to it. You have to be sure that no one will see this and recognize what to look for once the

cups are shuffled.

The trick starts out by explaining to the audience that you will be able to find the chip irrespective of which cup they put it in. You then ask somebody from the audience if anyone is willing to challenge you on it. (Chances are someone always does.)

Once you have a volunteer, let this person scrutinize the three identical cups and when it is finished, you place the chip over one cup then let them shuffle as long as they like.

To create suspense, turn your back and only face them once again when they’re finished. You now look over the 3 cups looking for the invisible thread and once you find it, tap the cup so the volunteer would open it.

The 2nd is called the Cup and Balls Trick. The object here is to let all the balls pass through all the cups. For this, you’ll need three cups that are not transparent, four indistinguishable balls and a wand.

You begin by piling two of the cups together then place one of the identical balls into the 2nd cup and place the 3rd cup underneath hiding the ball. Don’t forget to place the other three balls into the third cup prior to going on stage.

When it’s time, drop the three balls onto

the table in a row with gaps in between them. Place the cups behind the balls with the cup that has the mystery ball in the center. You should practice this often to avoid having the hidden ball appear.

To make your audience see that the cups are empty, you tap each of the cups utilizing your wand. Then you begin by placing the ball in the center on top of the cup that is behind it and stack the other cups on top. Tap it using your wand then lift up all three cups to show to the people that the ball has gone through.

Next, you lay the cup that has the other secret ball on top of the ball that’s gone through the cup. Put a ball on top of the cup with the two balls underneath it and put the extra two cups on top. Again, you tap using your magic wand and show once again that the balls have gone through.

Put the cup with the remaining secret ball over the balls that have already gone through the cup.

Now place the last ball on top of the cup that has the three balls inside. Put the other two cups on top of the cup that has the ball on top of it then tap one more time to show that three balls have gone through.

This magic trick is a bit complicated than the first but with a few practice, you’ll be able to make people believe that the ball really went through the cups.


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