How To Choose The Best Cruise Ship For Your Vacation

After deciding on your dream cruise destinations within your planned budget range, then you're now ready to shop around from the wide range of cruise ships and their offerings of cruise itineraries. There are several considerations when selecting the best cruise ship for your vacation needs.

Sea Times and Docking Times
Some choose to be on cruises for the undistracted time at sea. They love the transoceanic crossings where most of the vacation happens in the ship sailing. Others prefer to take on walking tours in between and would only spend time on board to sleep and dine. Check how many

times the ship will be docking as well as the available sight seeing tours that are open during the hours that the ship is at the specified ports. Give an hour's allowance for customs clearing and another hour for ferries if the ship will anchor instead of docking.

What are your entertainment preferences? Does the ship cater to golf enthusiasts? What types of shows will be performed in the ship's clubs and theaters? Maximize the available offerings in the ship so you can have good choices for recreation and entertainment.

Read the Fine Print
All brochures and websites of cruise ships can make you feel that they are the cruise company you are looking for. Check for the details such as dress codes or age groups catered to. If the ship has shows for kids, then most definitely there will be children aboard. If you would prefer a 24-hour room service, check if the ship offers this. What

are the amenities when they say health club service? Does it mean a full gym or just an outdated treadmill?

Travel Agent Services
With the large number of available cruise ships, it would save you a lot of time and trouble if you'd consult a travel agent, especially if it's your first time to go on a cruise vacation. You will need someone who can suggest the best destinations and day tours on ports during your specified date and within your budget range. If you are on your honeymoon, let the agent know so he or she can find one that can give the best complimentary deals. If you have special dietary needs, inform your agent, too so the ship can be notified in advance.

The success of your cruise vacation depends largely on good planning. As much as possible, be in control of your choices, so no unwanted surprises will happen.

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