Types Of Yoga To Choose From

There are various forms of yoga. This type of exercise can leave you toned and slender or you might even be spiritually illuminated according to some teachers. Yoga is the latest thing. It has remolded some of the biggest stars all the way from Madonna to Sting.

Some forms of yoga are more physical and a few are highly spiritual. Yoga is exceedingly good for fatigue, depression, aging, arthritis, stress-related illness, PMS, migraine, back pain and mobility problems.

You must first determine why you wish to start yoga then go about selecting the appropriate form for you. The precepts of yoga are

quite simple - relax, tune out everything and stretch and you'll feel a lot better.

If you are looking forward to get fit, these types of yoga are for you:

Hatha Yoga

This type of yoga is founded on controlled stretching.

An emphasis is placed on the development a flexible spine. This type of yoga is perfect for all levels of fitness.

Vini yoga

This type of yoga is gentle and safe and is rather good for older people. It is instructed by a teacher called a Desikachar and is typically taught on an individual basis.

If you actually want to get physical then you should choose these types of yoga:

Lyenger yoga


type of yoga centers on correct postures. It often makes use of ropes and blocks to keep these postures.

Sivananda yoga

This type of yoga is appropriate for every age and covers a broad range of poses which range from simple to complex.

Ashtanga yoga

This type of yoga is called power yoga. It is very demanding and is only appropriate for those people who are very fit.

For those of you who prefer to get spiritual, then you would want to choose from these types of yoga:

Raja yoga

This is often cited as royal yoga. It is focused with the mind.

Dru yoga

This is group yoga which focuses very heavily on breath work.

Jnana yoga

This centers on the philosophical aspects of yoga and is very spiritual and meditative.

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