Preparing A Clambake For A Small Group

When you intend to serve your clambake to a small group of up to eight people, you can make use of a large enamel pot and cook over a stove or barbecue grill at home, or bring the pot to a picnic area where grills are available. (You can also buy a clam steamer in hardware stores in areas where clambakes are common. These large pots come in 16 or 20 quart sizes, have two separated compartments for the food, and a spigot at the bottom for draining off the clam juice and water.) If you use a large pot,

line its bottom using a couple of inches of seaweed and add a quart of water. Place a test potato near the edge of
the pot where it won't touch the other food ingredients when you pull it out. Add the rest of the food in the same order you will for a large bake and pack seaweed around the top and sides of the inside of the pot. Then cover and cook until the test potato tells you the food is done. Mix the broth of water and clam juice with melted butter to make a dip or spread for the food.



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