How To Get Out Of Depression Effectively

Have you ever experienced those days when it takes tremedous effort just to drag your body out of bed? Several factors can leave you emotionally drained. It could caused by some disruption in your relationships either at home, your love life, your co-workers, or caused by stress at work or school. These could make you feel like you were walking through quicksand. It leaves you with a feeling of hopelessness and despair causing you energy loss, poor concentration, altered appetite and sleep patterns, anxiety, and sometimes even suicidal tendencies. You may be in this debilitating condition.

Depression, an imbalance of certain

chemicals in the brain, can be brought on by genetic factors or external triggers such as a major loss or disappointment, prolonged chronic illness, and certain prescription medications. World Health Organization estimated that more than 300 million people battle mood disorders. Despite the widespread nature of depression, there is still a stigma attached to those who suffer from it–or choose to seek help. Unfortunately this stigma keeps many people from seeking assistance. But if more and more people come out and openly discuss their struggles with depression, they can be freed from the silent suffering.

Here are some symptoms of to know if you are depressed

1. You may be depressed if you are sleeping most of the time or not at all.

2. Observe if there is a drastic increase or decrease in appetite.

3. You cry infrequently for no apparent reason.

4. You have lost interest in things that formerly interested you.

5. The above symptoms last more that a couple of weeks.

If you think you are

depressed you may try improving your nutrition, exercising, taking multiple vitamins with iron, over-the-counter medication like St. John’s Wort, prayer, and counseling.

Not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Some people may have trouble keeping themselves presentable, cry uncontrollably, exhibit extreme anxiety, fear, or worry. Often clinical depression is masked by other behaviors such as alcoholism or drug use.

The key to is finding the right counselors to help you determine the best way out of the pit of depression. Here’s how.

Ask for a personal referal. Ideally try to get a recommendation from a therapist’s client. If you can’t find that, ask your doctor or pastor for a few names. Look for a licensed psychologist, social worker, or family therapist who shares your values and faith (psychiatrists don’t do much counseling).

Visit a counselor or two. After your first visit, ask yourself: Did I feel heard? Did I feel valued? Did I feel comfortable with this therapist? If you answer "no" to any of these, keep searching for the right fit.

Consider logistics. Is this counselor covered by your insurance policy? Is the cost do-able? (Typically, psychologists are most expensive, followed by social workers and family therapists.) Is the office location convenient for you?

So, do not despair. There is hope. "Seek and you shall find."

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