Free Mobile Apps For Windows Phone 7

If you can get free Windows Phone 7 apps, why not? Here are some of the apps you may wish to download to add to you Windows 7 device.

Adobe Reader
This well-revered reader app is available for Windows 7. It allows you to open PDF from your storage device, your email, or from any web page that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. You'll be able to pinch to zoom in or out and swipe to turn the page, but searching within the file is not possible.

The CardStar® allows you to store your membership and reward cards in one app so

you don't need to carry them all in your wallet. You only have to type the card numbers on this app so when the time comes that a card is needed, simply access the barcode from your phone and scan it at the merchant's device.

The Ebay app for Windows Mango is can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The eBay App allows its user to bid, buy and check eBay activities directly from the Windows Phone 7. The app also has push notification to give real-time alerts.

Flickr Manager
Windows Phone 7 users with Flickr accounts will find this app very useful. The Flickr Manager allows the user to upload photos from the phone and be able to view the traffic stats. The other perks of Flickr such as viewing photos of your Flickr groups and Flickr contacts are also included.

Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform geared to make the exploration of cities and local events more exciting. It currently has over

8 million users globally. Foursquare users can use the smartphone app or SMS to share their location with their contact and at the same time collect points and virtual badges.

If you reside in the US, you will be able to enjoy streaming internet radio broadcasts via Iheartradio App. You can choose from 750 radio stations across the USA all organized by music genre or city. If preferred, you can even get the lyrics to the track that's playing. Users will need to sign up for a free account including a US zip code in order to build your own station.

Similar to the full set of features offered by the official Twitter and Seesmic, this Twitter app has something in addition to offer -- a predictive text. So, if you're fond of using predictive text, this app is for you.

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